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Shanghai Gongtao Ceramics Co., Ltd. is one of the most leading and advanced ceramic material companies in China, integrating the design, manufacture and marketing of high-tech ceramics. Brand name "SHANGTAO" was formed more than 20 years ago. We specialize in Alumina products, Zirconia products, Magnesia products, Silicone Nitride products and Alumina Nitride products. We have developed advanced skills and technologies. Our products are widely used in electricity, information, power, automobile and other fields.

Industrial Ceramics: alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, titanium oxide ceramics, silicone carbide ceramics, silicon oxide ceramics, special ceramics, high-frequency ceramics, mullite ceramics, general ceramics, refractory ceramics, electronic ceramics, textile ceramics, high purity alumina crucible, electrical ceramics, etc.

SHANGTAO strictly complies with ISO9001 quality management system. Our products are widely used in aerospace, mining machinery, lift, power, paper making, laboratory, nonferrous metal processing, electronics processing, textile machinery and other industries, SHANGTAO provides wholesale and retail services.Welcome to send your inquiry to us !

New Products

  • Quartz Tubes

    Quartz Tubes

    Clear Quartz Tubes Physical Properties Density 20oC g/cm3 2.2 Softening point(oC) 1683 Annealing point(oC) 1215 Defoamation Point (oC) 1120

  • Zirconia Grinding Jar

    Zirconia Grinding Jar

    We can supply zirconia grinding jars,capacity:50ml,100ml,200ml,250ml,500 ml. Shapes can be custom made.

  • Ceramic Igniter Electrodes

    Ceramic Igniter Electrodes

    Characteristics: aging and high temperature resistance, perfect insulation,high strength, good stability, suitable for different environment. Technical parameter:0.5 to 1.5mm in diameter, length of 50- 80mm, insulation strength>15KV/mm.

    Silicon Nitride Bearing

    Silicon Nitride Bearing

    The purpose of a radial bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support loads. This is achieved by using two races to hold the balls and to spread the load through the balls. As the bearing race rotates it causes the balls to rotate.


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